Medvedja's ID card

The municipality of Razanj belongs to the Nisava district in the Republic of Serbia. According to the 2011 census report, there were 9.150 inhabitants. The center of the municipality is in Razanj (1,245 inhabitants).

  • Geographical position

    The municipality covers an area of ​​289 km2. Administratively, it belongs to the Nis region, and the municipality itself consists of 23 settlements.

  • Power grid

    Distribution "Krusevac", Razanj branch covers the territory of the Municipality, except for the settlement of Praskovce, which is under the jurisdiction of Elektrodistribucija Aleksinac.

  • Communal Infrastructure

    JKP "Komunalac" is responsible for the operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage and communal facilities in the Municipality. The founder of JKP "Komunalac" is the Municipality and has 17 employees.

  • Local Communities

    In order to satisfy the general, common and everyday needs and interests of the local population, local communities and other forms of local self-government are established in villages.

  • Road Infrastructure

    The most important road communication in the Republic passes through the municipality of Razanj, the international high-ranking road E-75 (Budapest-Belgrade-Nis-Skopje), Coridor 10.

  • Population

    Demographic trends in the municipality of Razanj are characterized by constant, relatively intensive migration and deterioration of vital characteristics of the population.

  • Telecommunications

    In the Telekom hierarchy, the Razanj hub has the rank of a hub area within the Krusevac Working Unit (network group 037).