Although no significant archaeological research has been carried out on the territory of the municipality of Razanj, during the construction of houses, digging wells, etc. there are very interesting archeological sites that confirm the existence of this settlement as early as p.n.e. The found objects that are kept in museums in Belgrade and Nis, testify that this area was inhabited in prehistoric times.

  • Historical sights

    Of the cultural and historical monuments of an older date, it is important to mention the monastery of St. Roman from the IX century. The monastery is located by the road leading from Razanj to Krusevac, on the right bank of the South Morava. It belo…

  • Historical overview

    The legend of Razanj tells about the city from the time of the Romans when this city was called Arsena, from the Latin word a r s e n a l e, literally translated "warehouse for storing war equipment", and that is why the settlement was called Arsena.