Electronic services

The process of public administration reform is a priority of the Government of Serbia and is focused on improving public administration services to citizens and the economy. It seeks to simplify administrative procedures and reduce the time and costs required to perform an administrative job with the aim of making long queues a thing of the past.

  • EGovernment portal

    The eGovernment portal is a unique place for all electronic services in the Republic of Serbia.

  • Unified voter list

    The Unified Voters' List is a public document in which the unified records of citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have the right to vote are kept.

  • Local tax administration

    Unique information system of the local tax administration

  • Issuance of building permits

    Unified procedure for issuing construction permits (CEOP)

  • Geospatial data

    National geospatial data infrastructure

  • eReal Estate Cadastre

    The service enables the search of data on real estate, which were in the status "active" in the Real Estate Cadastre Service with the indicated date of update.

  • eCounter

    The Republic Geodetic Authority has improved the business process of submitting requests and submitting documents for registration in the real estate cadastre and the line cadastre by introducing the e-Counter information system.

  • Report irregularities to inspections

    Report the observed irregularities to the inspections through the Contact Center for Republic Inspections!

  • eBaby

    The information system "Baby, welcome to the world" started working in April 2016, with the goal of enabling the registration of a child in the birth register, registration of residence, health insurance and submission of a request for parental allow…

  • eKindergarten

    The eKindergarten service is an electronic application for children to enroll in preschool institutions. Parents no longer have to go to various counters when registering their children in preschool institutions, but they can register electronically…

  • Enrollment in high schools

    Through the specialized sections, you can check all the recorded data for a particular student, but also see all the statistics on primary and secondary schools that can help in the correct choice of school.

  • eParticipation

  • Open data portal

    The open data portal is a central place where open data from public institutions are combined and made available to citizens, the private and non-governmental sectors.