Municipal council

The Municipal Council is elected by the Municipal Assembly on the proposal of the President. The municipal council has seven members. In addition to those elected on the basis of law, a member of the council is the deputy mayor. The mayor presides over the municipal council. The municipal council is responsible for determining the draft municipal budget, supervising the work of the municipal administration, deciding on appeals against decisions of the municipal administration and giving an opinion to the mayor on issues that the president considers important. Members of the municipal council of the municipality of Razanj, in addition to the president and deputy mayor are:

Dobrica Stojkovic, President of the Municipality,

Sasa Milosavljevic, Deputy Mayor,

Slaviša Todorovic, entrepreneur from Razanj,

Milovan Petkovic, doctor spec. retired pneumophthisiologists from Razanj,

Jelena Radokanovic, economist from Razanj,

Slobodanka Jocic B.Sc. economist from Razanj,

Ružica Đukic Jankovic B.Sc. eng. farming from Razanj.